API Live Status


10:06 CET Engineering team has resolved the issue. All API's are accessible.

9:14 CET Engineering team is investigating the issue.

9:13 CET Company API response is failing.


11:50 CET Engineering team is monitoring the systems.

11:30 CET Engineering team is still working on a resolution.

10:45 CET Engineering team has identified the cause of the failure and is working on a resolution.

10:30 CET Engineering team is investigating the issue.

10:26 CET Our monitoring reported all API's are failing; access to all API's is now being denied.


14:37 CET Issue has been resolved.

14:20 CET Engineering team is investigating the issue.

14:15 CET Running compliance check for person and companies is failing.


13:45 CET Issue has been resolved; all API's are available.

13:00 CET Engineering team investigating the issue.

12:50 CET Our monitoring detected intermittent availability of All API's.


11:30 CET All API's are up and running

07:00 CET All API's unavailable due maintenance backend services.


17:20 CET Services up again.

16:58 CET We're currently experiencing issues and intermittent performance on our API's. We're investigating the issue right at the moment.


14:50 CET Issue has been resolved. PDF's are now generated as usual.

14:10 CET Some of the PDF reports available through the Report API, are being generated at slower pace as usual. Therefor timeouts might occur. We're investigating the issue.


Announcement of expected maintenance

Security update on our firewalls.

The maintenance is planned between 19:00 and 20:30 CET on Thursday 04 March 2021

Downtime or lower services to be expected during this period.

Previous issue(s)

10-11-2020 - 13.12

We're currently experiencing issues with the Company API.

You might encounter slower response rates and time outs.

Issue with connection interferences has been fixed 17.15.

15-12-2020 17.14 - Xseptions Network API non responsive, fixed around 17.42