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Add our data to your products and applications
Our APIs enable you to integrate our industry-leading tools into your own products and applications. The Graydon API takes you deeper, embedding our advanced search intelligence and risk analysis inside your organisation. Integrate our API into core business functions like Sales & Marketing, Finance & Operations together with Strategy and Development for greater data insight.

What does our API include?

Search API:
The possibility to Search for a company in one of the three Graydon countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom
Retrieving a list with existing Graydon Decision Models created in Graydon Insights platform

Graydon Decision Model (GDM):
Retrieving the Graydon Decision Model result for a specific company and an order value. Beside the GDM result, the response also contains the main insights such as the Credit Limit and Percentage of Default. For a full list of data points please check the 'API Reference' section.

Company API:
All of the elements you would expect from a full credit report through several data elements. This is our most comprehensive API. The blocks of data elements available are:
- General company information (Company Profile and Branches)
- Graydon Scores (Different Credit/Risk scores and an Opportunity score)
- Company Financials (Financial Summary and Annual Accounts)
- Company Affiliations (Managers/Directors, Shareholders, Participations, Group structure and Declarations of Liabilities)
- XSeptions
- Events

Risk & Compliance API:
With the Risk & Compliance API you'll be able to do a thorough Customer Due Diligence check. The information included in this API are:
- UBO Check
- Compliance Check (Check on sanctionlists, Political Exposed Person check and Adverse Media Check on both natural persons and companies)

Monitoring API:
Do you monitor a list of companies on the Graydon Insights portal? Then you're able to receive the changes on your personal monitoring profile.
Items to monitor at this time are:
- All Credit Scores
- New items will follow soon