API Release Notes

This page will give users of our API's indications of pending new elements and elements newly released.

In general, we won't change existing data elements and formats.

Announcement of expected maintenance

Security update on our firewalls.

The maintenance is planned between 19:00 and 20:30 CET on Thursday 04 March 2021

Downtime or lower services to be expected during this period.

Planned releases

++Planned change for 8th of November++

UK addresses format change (this could impact your integration)

The way you receive the addresses in our current API is changing.

The endpoints and elements in the API will remain the same, but sources to the API will change the way they deliver the information. This applies to all UK addresses in all our API’s.

Please check specification below for more details.

From 8th November all UK addresses are delivered in a unified structure, with elements already known to your integration.

What can be used for mapping:


Also from now on all Cities and Counties will be in uppercases.

Examples of new addresses

++1/ standard situation with street++

enterpriseId 20771605 new situation:

"companyAddress": [


"addressTypeCode": "2",

"addressType": "Registered office address",

"streetName": "27a   Maxwell Road",

"streetNameAdd1": "NORTHWOOD",

"streetNameAdd2": "MIDDLESEX",

"streetNameAdd3": "HA6   2XY",

"country": "United Kingdom",

"countryCode": "GB",

"fullFormatedAddress": "27a   Maxwell Road NORTHWOOD MIDDLESEX HA6 2XY United Kingdom"

++2/ standard situation with building and street++

enterpriseId 19138963 new situation:

"companyAddress": [


"addressTypeCode": "1",

"addressType": "Trading address",

"streetName": "Hygeia Building   , 66 68 College Road",

"streetNameAdd1": "HARROW",

"streetNameAdd2": "MIDDLESEX",

"streetNameAdd3": "HA1 1BE",

"country": "United Kingdom",

"countryCode": "GB",

"fullFormatedAddress": "Hygeia Building   , 66 68 College Road HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 1BEUnited Kingdom"


++3/ example++

enterpriseId 59390716 new situation:

    "companyAddress": [


"addressTypeCode": "2",

"addressType": "Registered office address",

"streetName": "17 Nightingale Court, Edgewater Place",

"streetNameAdd1": "WARRINGTON",

"streetNameAdd2": "CHESHIRE",

"streetNameAdd3": "HA1 1BE",

"country": "United Kingdom",

"countryCode": "GB",

"fullFormatedAddress": "17 Nightingale Court, Edgewater Place WARRINGTON CHESHIRE WA4 1BF United Kingdom"



Monitoring API

• Additional events to track in monitoring (Changes on Ultimate Parents)

International API

• Preparing new countries to be offered through the International Business API

Latest releases


Compliance API:

• Adjust hit status: As of the 12th, all matched returned by our partner LexisNexis have the status of “POSSIBLE_MATCH”, instead of “EXACT_MATCH”. Due to available information which is used to check the compliance the service can't guarantee the 100% match. Instead we do provide the matching rate.

Search API:

• Bugfix: When client provides number of hits that is greater than the one accepted on our Insights Search Service, the search request fails; this is corrected that the maximum hits is set the APIX default (50 hits).

Database Management API:

• Features for the new Database Management solution via API's are in Beta. This function will be made available later in the year. We're in Beta testing phase at the moment.



• Running a GDM model is now based on our newest datafeed. This switch means the performance of running a model is improved.

• Because running a GDM model is now based on the new datafeed the identifier CompanyId is now depricated and enterpriseId and registrationId can now be used.

Company API :

• Company financials:

• For GB companies, 2 new keyfigures (preTaxProfitAndLoss and shareholderFunds) have been added to the financial summary.

• XSeption Network:

• XSeption network is not available anymore within the Company API. A new API, XSeption Network API, is now available (see info below).

• General

• Change in connection settings; this resulted in a significant improvement of the performance.

XSeption Network API (new!):

A new API has been developed that contains the possibility to retrieve a company's network which was provided before within the Company API. This isolation of the functionality enables our commercial teams to sell the XSeption network API as an add-on and is not availabe for any client of the Company API.

• Clients that used the XSeption Network in Company, have been granted access to the new API. No changes needed for clients, they can keep on using the same endpoints

Compliance API :

• When running a compliance check for a company, we provide the company address as 1 line to our partner; this improves search hits.

• We now provide UBO's originating from the Dutch Chamber or Commerce. In case the UBO is under investigating, we now return this as a result status so clients are aware of this investigation


Company API

• For BE companies, a strikeOffDate will be added as a new address data element.

• Financial Summary: New keyfigures will be added.

• Adjustments in the documentation of the API: updating list of available annual account codes.

Compliance API

• An additional search will be done whenever a company could not be found using its registration ID. In some cases, when a switch of the head office has occurred for the company, the company is not found.

• Adding a new option to request UBO data from the official UBO registry in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce database).


Search API

• Legal form: When running a search for companies a legal form (code + description) is now returned.

Company API

• Company identification: For BE company a new identification, the rszNumber, has been added.

• Company financials: For BE companies, explanatory notes have been added to the annual account data.

• BugFix: When requesting financial summary or annual account data, any description was returned in English; provided language by the requester was ignored. This is fixed.