API Release Notes

This page will give users of our API's indications of pending new elements and elements newly released.
In general, we won't change existing data elements and formats.

Planned releases

Company API
• For GB companies, 2 new key figures (Shareholder funds and pre-tax profit and loss) will be added to the financialSummary.
• Additional improvements on our databases to enhance stability

Latest releases

Company API
• For BE companies, a strikeOffDate will be added as a new address data element.
• Financial Summary: New keyfigures will be added.
• Adjustments in the documentation of the API: updating list of available annual account codes.

Compliance API
• An additional search will be done whenever a company could not be found using its registration ID. In some cases, when a switch of the head office has occurred for the company, the company is not found.
• Adding a new option to request UBO data from the official UBO registry in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce database).

Search API
• Legal form: When running a search for companies a legal form (code + description) is now returned.

Company API
• Company identification: For BE company a new identification, the rszNumber, has been added.
• Company financials: For BE companies, explanatory notes have been added to the annual account data.
• BugFix: When requesting financial summary or annual account data, any description was returned in English; provided language by the requester was ignored. This is fixed.