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Probo Reseller API

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The Probo Reseller API allows applications, such as mobile apps or ERP systems, to interact with Probo’s platform for digital print and fulfillment. By combining the different resources a reseller is able to automate the purchasing of digital print and the logistic process.

Functionality includes retreiving product information & pricing and allows to order digital print products and have these delivered to end customers.

This document describes how the different resources are used to create Order flows.

Released functionality:

  • Composed API product:
    • retrieve Composed API products
    • retrieve Composed API product details
    • calculate Composed API product price
    • order Composed API product
  • Webshop product
    • retrieve webshop products
    • configure webshop product and retrieve price
    • order configured webshop product
  • Order status
    • retrieve order status in callback
    • fetch order status


  • Cancel orders
  • Change orders