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About Payfac APIs

Payfac API group is the set of APIs necessary to provide end to end service your Payment Facilitator platform. These services include payment facilitator platform configuration, merchant onboarding & maintenance, customer onboarding & maintenance, transactions processing & monitoring, recurring & invoice payment, fraud monitoring, user & roles configurations.

Payfac APIs

#Payfac APIPathAPI Group Definition
1FEE Profile APIfeeprofile-exp-apiFee Profiles are the set of master fee plans which can be linked to the merchant during the merchant onboarding process. The fee profiles for the merchant can be configured at merchant management system of payfac and can be used during the merchant settlement process. Fee Profile APIs can help Payfac platform to perform multiple operations like create, fetch, modify & delete the fee profile. These APIs can also helps to get the fee profile based on fee profile id & for approving the newly created fee profile.
2Limit Profile APIlimit-profile-exp-apiLimit profiles are one of the important sets of configurations linked to the merchant while the merchant onboarding process. Payfac can have multiple set of master limit profile plans which can be linked to the merchants based on different parameters & details provided by the merchant. Limit Profile APIs can help PayFac to create, fetch, modify or delete the limit profile.
3Merchant APImerchant-exp-apiMerchant is an entity that can onboard on the PayFac platform to start their business & to accept online payments. Merchant APIs can help PayFac in onboarding their Merchants by creating merchant profiles. These APIs will be used to perform various operations on created merchant profile like modify merchant, fetch merchant, fetch merchant instrument & check merchant onboarding status.
4User APIusers-exp-apiUser APIs can help the PayFac or Merchants to perform various operations for their platform user. There are two types of users who can use these APIs, Payfac users which will be using the payfac platform to perform the various operations with respect to the merchant. -Merchant users which will be using the merchant platform to perform various operation with respect to the merchant. User APIs can be used to create user (payfac user or merchant user), update user, search user, update user status, user login, forgot password, change password, delete user.
5Role APIrole-exp-apiRoles are the privileges assigned to the portal user for operating the payfac/merchant portal. Roles APIs can help PayFac's authorized user to create & assign the roles for the merchant portal users. The super user of the merchant will be able to create & assign the roles to their portal user. Using roles APIs operations like update role, fetch role, delete role & update role status can be performed.
6Fraud Transaction APIfraud-transaction-exp-apiFraud transaction API group is used for identifying the list of suspected fraud transactions received on the payfac platform & can be used to take the necessary decisions to approve or decline the transactions based on review. Fraud transaction APIs can help PayFac platform to check the suspected fraud transactions(aka watch transactions) received on payfac platform. Using these APIs, suspected fraud transactions can be searched and the status of these transactions can be updated after transaction review.
7Recurring Payment APIrecurring-pay-exp-apiRecurring Payment (aka subscription payment) is a flexible payment option provided by the merchants to their customers. Customers can schedule a recurring payment for their subscription by providing the payment details and can utilize this service. Recurring payment APIs can enable an option for the merchant to setup a recurring payment for their customers. Merchant can also fetch & update the recurring payment setup using recurring setup id.
8Invoice APIinvoice-exp-apiInvoice Payment is a type of payment which can be done using a digital invoice embedded with payment button (link) on it. When the customer clicks on the payment button on the invoice, the customer will be routed to the payment page to make the payment. Invoice APIs can helps merchant to create the invoice templates, customize invoice, update invoice, fetch invoice, retrieve invoice, cancel or delete the invoice. Merchant can also find the invoice by invoice id & can mark the invoice as paid using these APIs.
9Convenience Fee Profile APIconvenience-fee-profile-exp-apiConvenience fee profile are the set of fees used by merchant for the transaction initiated at the merchant channel. Merchant can setup these fees based on various parameters like transaction type, transaction amount range etc. Using convenience fee APIs, merchant can create, update, search, retrieve & delete the convenience fee profiles.
10Customer APIcustomer-exp-apiCustomer APIs can be used by the payfac merchants to perform various operations for setting up their customers. Merchant can add their customer by getting the customer details. Once the customer is added successfully, merchant can search, update & delete the customer details. Merchant can also add or update the payment method for customer using these set of APIs.
11Transactions APItransaction-exp-apiTransaction APIs are the set of APIs which can be used by the payfac merchants for creating or initiating different types of transactions for the merchant customers. These APIs can helps to create the transactions like Authorization, Sale , ACH & can also used for performing Void & Refund for the initiated Sale or Authorization transaction. These APIs can also helps Merchant to find the transactions from transaction list using transaction id.


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