RCG MDM System API - Implementation Template

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This integration template implements the MDM System API specification. This is a System API for a Global Data Management System (MDM) to manage parties, party roles, contact points and externalIds. A scaled down version of MDM has been implemented using a MySQL database. This API follows the Cloud Information Model (CIM), which is also used for the MDM DB schema.

This parties resource has endpoints to search Parties (e.g., Individuals), associate ContactPoints to a Party, associate external IDs of other Systems to a Party, and also relate a Party with another Party. A party can be of type Individual or Organization or Households. The only types of ContactPoints that can be associated at
this time are ContactPointEmail, ContactPointAddress and ContactPointPhone there can also only be a single instance of each type. A party can be related with other party using a relation type and can have one or more parties as part of the relation.


  1. The current implementation do not support relating households to other parties.

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Additional resources

  • The Prerequisites tab provides detailed information about configuring dependencies this application has on external systems or services.
  • The Deployment tab provides instructions on running the application locally from Studio or deploying to CloudHub.
  • The Data mappings tab describes how the request and response data structures are mapped between the API interface and the MDM System.


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Published onSep 17, 2022
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