RCG MDM System API - Implementation Template

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This implementation template has the following dependencies:

  • MySQL Database

Please review the use cases described on the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail and MuleSoft Accelerator for Consumer Goods solution pages for more information about dependencies on other APIs and services.

Configure the MySQL database

There are DB Scripts located under src/test/resources/scripts folder.

  • To initialize a new database, run the following scripts in order:

    • Run create-cim-schema.sql
    • Run create-cim-ext-schema.sql
    • Run create-cim-reference-data.sql
    • Run below Stored Procedure scripts in the same order.
      • sp_ContactPointAddress_Create.sql
      • sp_ContactPointAddress_Update.sql
      • sp_ContactPointEmail_Create.sql
      • sp_ContactPointEmail_Update.sql
      • sp_ContactPointPhone_Create.sql
      • sp_ContactPointPhone_Update.sql
      • sp_ContactPointType_Lookup.sql
      • sp_PartyRole_ExternalIds_Upsert.sql
      • sp_Customers_Create.sql
      • sp_Parties_ExternalIds_Upsert.sql
      • sp_Individuals_Create.sql
      • sp_Organizations_Create.sql
      • sp_Parties_RelatedParties_Upsert.sql
      • sp_Orders_Create.sql
      • sp_Orders_Update.sql
      • sp_Orders_ExternalIds_Upsert.sql
      • sp_Products_Create.sql
      • sp_Products_Update.sql
      • sp_Products_ExternalIds_Upsert.sql
      • sp_SalesOrderProducts_Upsert.sql
      • sp_ProductCategory_Upsert.sql
      • sp_ProductCatalog_Upsert.sql
      • sp_PriceBookEntry_Upsert.sql
  • To truncate data from the tables, use the truncate-data.sql script.

Next steps

Refer to the Deployment page for instructions on how to configure and deploy this application.


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Published onSep 17, 2022
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