API Platform API

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Short Description

The API Platform API exposes the management capabilities of the Anypoint Platform for APIs, enabling them to be used by external sites.

Using this API

To use this API, you must be authenticated to make calls to this API. The exception to this that all operations under the /public endpoint do not require authentication. If you use federated authentication with PingFederate, you can present your federated access token to the /auth/exchangeToken endpoint to obtain a new access token that is valid for the Anypoint Platform.

For more information about the Anypoint Platform for APIs, see API Manager.

Getting Started

The following API notebooks demonstrate the use of the API platform:

  • Query API platform applications: for a given API, provides a list of all applications. For application returned, specifies the APIs that they are registered against along with their current SLA. The API owner's name and e-mail address also provided.

  • Query APIs by a tag name: this example will filter all your APIs that are tagged with a given tag name.

  • Public search API: this example shows how to use the public search API to find public APIs within the Anypoint Platform .

  • Extended Search API - this example shows how to use the extended search API to find APIs within your organization.

Note: If you want to play with this API, you can use the public clientId 'apiportal'.