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API Notebook

The Decision Model API provides you instant access to insights on companies in Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The API enables you to evaluate a company of your interest by validating company data based on your acceptance criteria, the Model that has been created on Graydon's customer Portal, Graydon Insights.

In this Notebook we'll explore the resources that are currently available to you in the Decision Model API. To run the scripts, please click on Play notebook at the bottom of the page.

Create API client

First, we create a client to access the resources of the Decision Model API:

Get Decision Models

Now we can get a list of available Decision models created on the Graydon Insights Portal.

Great!!! we have received a list of available Decision models.

Now, lets get the modelId of the Decision model, we want to use when evaluating our company of intrest

Run a Decision Model

By Using the Graydon Search API, we can identify our company of interest. Now, we will use a pre-defined graydonCompanyId.

Gooooo evaluation!!!

Let check if we should accept (or deny) a transaction with found company for given ordervalue...

Depending on the result of evaluation of the company, a financial transaction with the company can be engaged (ACCEPT), rejected (DENY) or additional investigations are needed (REFER)...