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API Notebook

The Search API's provides you instant access to the Graydon database and enables you to find and identify a company of your interest in Belgium, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

In this Notebook we'll explore the available resources within this API. To run the scripts, please click on Play notebook at the bottom of the page.

Create API Client

Prepare search criteria

You can search a company using various search criteria:

  • Keyword
  • Company name (optionally with a location or address)
  • Official registration Id (in NL: Kamer van Koophandelnummer, BE: Ondernemingsnummer, GB: CRO number)
  • Graydon's internal unique company Id

As mentioned in the API documentation, when searching to find a company to run a Graydon Decision Model, a header searchType should be added with value GDM. For other usage of the search, please omit this header.

In following examples, we will explore some of these search options:

Invoke the Search API

Super! Now we've got the results from our keyword search.

There's a lot of information there... body, headers, and status. You can explore the contents of each by opening it with the arrow in the inspector.

We are interested in a company; but lets us find out how many companies are found

Now let us use another way of searching; we will use the official registration id of a company: registrationId.