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Monitoring API

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Continuously keep an eye on your customers

With an ever fluctuating and sometimes volatile environment, there’s an increased pressure on companies who need to be able to anticipate and proactively mitigate business risk before it’s too late. Flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to a changing business environment are necessary traits that companies need to adopt, in order to keep up with the competition and the latest developments. By closely keeping a watchful eye on your business relations, you’ll be able to make swift and informed business decisions.


Graydon collects data from various sources, and detects changes in company data as they are inevitable due to the nature of business. Monitoring service keeps track of these changes and triggers registration of events/alerts for companies based on certain criteria which you define as important to your business on our customer portal Graydon Insights.

Some examples of what can be tracked through monitoring can be along the lines of:

  • Financial calamities / Insolvencies
  • Credit limit
  • Graydon rating

Monitoring API

Graydon collects data changes and notifies you accordingly. This puts you firmly in control to make informed decisions and mitigate business risk. As changes occur, you need to be informed. We also understand that keeping up with these changes would virtually be impossible without being prone to errors.

Thankfully, our Monitoring API enables you to embed the retrieval of monitoring events into directly into your system and act on the changes accordingly.

You want to monitor changes for a new company or stop monitoring changes of a former relation? Sure, the Monitoring API provides management (Add and Remove) of the list of companies in monitoring.

How does the Monitoring API work?

  1. Create a monitoring profile: Monitoring keeps track of changes based on settings of your choice: a Monitoring Profile. Therefore you need to create a new profile on our customer portal Graydon Insights. Once a profile is created, Monitoring starts keeping track of changes in company data of companies.`
  2. Start using the Monitoring API: Using the the unique profile ID, you are now able to start to monitor a company or stop monitoring a company. You also can retrieve monitoring events for a given period.