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Quick and efficient compliance with customer due diligence legislation

Prevent risks and damaged reputations. Screen customers and prospects in a standardised way. And automatically record all your steps for your audit trail. Doesn’t that sound great?

Safeguarding a business from potential threats can often be a struggle. Early and automatic notifications, allow you to stay informed and react to business-critical decisions before it’s too late. Graydon’s Risk and Compliance API enables you to integrate a fully automated tool into your own products and/or applications. Whether you are by law required to screen new or existing relations on a regular basis or if you want to embed a risk analysis inside your organization, the Risk and Compliance API provides you with an advanced search intelligence to apply the required risk mitigation

Which checks are done?

  1. PEP Check: The term ‘Politically Exposed Person’ (PEP) describes someone who has been entrusted with a prominent (former) public function. A PEP generally presents a higher risk for potential involvement in bribery and corruption by virtue of their position and the influence that they may hold. The PEP check identifies these PEPs, so you can decide on the possible risks and next steps.

  2. Sanction List Check: Screen your portfolio automatically and assess whether the UBOs are on any lists like PEP lists, checklists, sanctions lists and negative publicity.

  3. Adverse Media Check: Newspapers are monitored for information related to illicit activities, such as money laundering, fraud, drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption to name but a few, that can be linked to a person.